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Island Pest and Termite Control was established in 1982. We are servicing customers in Polk, Manatee, Hillsborough, Sarasota and Charlotte County.
We offer the most advanced techniques, with All Organic, Inorganic and/or Bait products available to the market.
Most of our prices are quoted over the telephone according to set price tables. We are also able to price more complex Pest Management Problems after an onsite evaluation.
Services are combined packages to control the majority of the common household invaders that you will see.

Our Services include, Inside and Outside Insect Management, Lawn, Shrub and Tree Care including Fertilization, Landscape Management, Lawn Cutting, Pruning of Trees and Shrubs, Clean up and Maintenance, Irrigation Installation and Repairs, Rodent Control, Drywood and Subterranean Termite Control, Prevention, Hot Spot and Fumigation, Bed Bug Specialist.

Please visit our ALL ORGANIC Subsidiary Company

We are holding all the certifications that can be obtained in this industry regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the International Society of Arboriculture and the Entomological Society of America, to perform the appropriate task to maintain your property "pest free".

A. Certified Entomologists

Entomological Society of America

Certified Pest Operators:
- General Household Pest and Rodent Control
- Lawn & Ornamental
- Termite and other Wood Destroying Organism
- Fumigation

Certified Arborists

International Society of Arboriculture

What we do

What we can do for you

No Chemicals Inside and Outside Pest Management Program, All Organic!!! inlcuding Fertilizer And All Organic Subterranean Controll

We have designed a unique Program that ties into your existing Sprinkler System with a Smart Water Technology Controler that will save you appr. 125000 Gallons of Water and appr. $125.00 - $150.00 a month on your current water bill. Your Property will be completely protected on the inside and outside for a wide variety of insects including No Seeums, Mosquitos,Fire Ants, Subterranean Termite and many more!! Fur further details please visit us at

Interior/Exterior Pest Management including effective Rodent Control

We are using the most advanced technology and top of the line products to make sure your property is protected from the inside to the outside. Our Technicians are hightly trained to inspect and relate detailed suggestions in order to solve any kind of Problems that you might have. Rodent Control starts with Rodent Bait Boxes on the outside to train the population to find food outside instead entering the premise.

Subterranean and Drywood Termite Control

The average cost of damage by Subterranean and Drywood Termites in the US is approximately $7,000.00 per incident. Our preventitive approach will help to reduce these costs. We are providing whatever program is necessary including Hot Spot treatment, Fumigation (Tenting) and full perimeter Subterranean Termite treatments, including ALL ORGANIC Subterranean Termite Control, please visit us at


Lawn, SHrub and Tree Division

We have the perfect combination of skilled Employees that are highly trained and knowledgeable, to apply our State of the Art custom designed, ALL ORGANIC!!! Lawn, Shrub and Tree Fertilizer including Fungus and Insect Control. At certain times of the year (5 consecutive days under 85 degrees) Broadleaf Control will be applied to your Lawn to make it look healthy and Weed free. We are specialized in remediation of White Fly Infestation and Sago Palm Thailand Scale. We can also provide an ALL ORGANIC solution through your Sprinkler System please visit our subsidiary Company

Landscape DIvision

Our ALL IN ONE Program will make your Lawn, Shrubs and Trees healthy and beautiful. Included in our treatment is Cutting, Pruning, Cleaning, full Lawn Program including Shrub and Tree Fertilization, We provide new Irrigation installation and/or repair, new Sod installation and/or repair.We Guarantee to make your Lawn, Shubs and Trees healthy and looking good!! There is no need for 5 different Companies to service your Property.

Interior / Exterior Complete solution

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Program is our most popular approach for a complete protection of your Property. Our Guarantee will include interior and exterior insect management including Rodent Control for a once a year fee, with quarterly visits to strengthen the barrier against unwanted Pests. Please contact us for a detailed and individualized quote. We also have an ALL Organic approach through your Sprinkler System please visit us at our subsidiary Company

What we have done
  • old Lawn
  • old Lawn
  • herbacide application
  • removal of old Lawn
  • top soil application for low lying areas
  • top soil application for low lying areas
  • prepared surface for new  sod
  • prepared surface for new sod
  • prepared surface for new sod
  • new sod installation
  • new sod installation
  • new sod installation
  • new sod installation
  • new sod installation
  • 4 weeks after new sod installation
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  • 3 months after new sod installation
old Lawn1 old Lawn2 herbacide application3 removal of old Lawn4 top soil application for low lying areas5 top soil application for low lying areas6 prepared surface for new  sod7 prepared surface for new sod8 prepared surface for new sod9 new sod installation10 new sod installation11 new sod installation12 new sod installation13 new sod installation14 4 weeks after new sod installation15 4 weeks after new sod installation16 3 months after new sod installation17
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  • Bedbugs are small wingless insects with a flat body. Their color can range from whitish to brown, but after feeding on blood
  • Bedbugs hiding in luggage, furniture, clothing, or boxes that are being moved. They can also travel on pets' fur.
  • During the day, bedbugs tend to hide away in furniture, floors, beds, and in wood or paper trash. They typically feed on human or animal blood at night.
  • The bites of bedbugs can be difficult to identify, and not all red bites are due to bedbugs. Mosquitos, fleas, biting gnats, and mites can all bite humans.
  • responsive carouselBedbug bites typically are stealthy and not felt by the host. This is because they inject a numbing substance into the skin along with an anticoagulant agent
  • In recent research, investigators reviewed 53 studies on bedbugs and their effects. They found that there is little evidence to suggest that bedbugs spread any human diseases
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  • 5Traditional Interior Pest Managment
  • 6Landscape Clean Up
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  • 8Professional Mowing is the key for a healty Lawn
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  • 10Watering through proper irrigation is essential
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